Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New New New New New York

Daniel and I arrived at our studio on 47th & 8th Av about a week ago. Normally, new couples in their first apartment have unpacking and nesting to do, but when all you bring is your clothes, unpacking takes all of thirty minutes! Daniel didn't start his job until yesterday, so until then, we explored the city. Fortunately, the rain didn't come until today-- we had perfect weather all week!
View of Times Square from our apartment.

Highlights included:

+ Chelsea Market: The Ronnybrook Dairy has the best paninis & chocolate milk, Sarabeth's Bakery transports you to France, Anthropologie is what I wish my closet (or, heck, whole home) looked like, and we bought some Brie at an awesome price at a very cute store whose name I can't remember. I do remember they also sold chocolate. I must take time to thank Daniel for patiently waiting in a $1,500 armchair while I scoured Anthropologie for things I could afford.

 + Crumbs: Enormous cupcakes. Some say $4.50 for a cupcake is overpriced; I disagree. When it comes to these cupcakes. I'm sure all New Yorkers have their opinions on which cupcakery is the best, but I suppose one has to try them all oneself to know for sure!

 + Central Park: Absolutely beautiful. We spoke with some charming Quebecois at Belvedere Castle, and found their accents to be adorable! And now I must bow at the feet of the Eiffel Tower for speaking such blasphemy!

 + Stiles Market: Cheap cheap cheap delicious produce. Hey, that's exciting for me!

 + Little Italy: We had an authentic, relaxing Italian meal in the midst of the Festival of Saint Gennaro.

+ Eating lunch while watching the Julliard Ballet practice.

+ Picking up our season Metropolitan Opera tickets!!!!!!!! One of our favorite wedding gifts, for sure!

+ Walking an average of six miles a day. Yes, we know about subways!

 Not-so-great elements of our life here:

 + This is what our kitchen is stocked with: A dull knife, a small skillet, a small saucepan, a medium saucepan, and a cookie sheet. Not so great for someone who loves to cook and bake as much as I do! I can't wait until we have our things here in November.

 + Living so close to Times Square. This requires walking through it every day, which involves being harassed every five feet by someone aggressively trying to sell something.

 Overall, life is fantastic and I'm so happy to be here, especially with someone as hungry for adventure as I am! Being married to Daniel gets better every day.

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ianthis said...

You are making me want to move to New York!