Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A List For My Parents

And for all of the people who intend to cook me food over winter break. This is what I have been wanting since September 7, 2008:

--Homemade macaroni & cheese
--Kraft macaroni & cheese
--Homemade chocolate chip cookies
--Chocolate chip cheesecake
--Mexican food (enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, etc, etc, etc, with all the fixin's)
--Pancakes and/or waffles
--Bacon and eggs
--Biscuits & gravy
--Chicken fried chicken
--A full Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.
--Thanksgiving leftovers
--A pumpkin milkshake from Graeter's (this will be difficult since I won't be going to Kentucky!)
--Ale-8-1 (also difficult for the same reason!)
--Jayna's apple cake
--CHICKEN! You wouldn't believe how rare it is to eat chicken here.
--No-bake cookies
--Peanut butter and crackers
--Spinach dip (I miss you, H-Butt!)
--CEREAL AND MILK! Oh, how I have missed thee! I want Cranberry Crunch, Captain Crunch, and whatever other Crunches are lying around.
--Blue cheese steak
--Toasted things, like toast, Pop-Tarts, and bagels

And maybe a treadmill, because I will need one to work all of that off...

I love you, family! Even if I wasn't able to eat a single one of those things in the United States I would still be just as excited to see you in seventeen days!


Vall said...

Don't forget White Castle.

Chris Symes said...

I'm suddenly thankful to be living in America, and suddenly hungry...

Melissa said...

We'll have the refrigerator stocked full!!! Can't wait to see you! love, mom

Melissa said...

...but you'll have to make crepes for us!