Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterday, I did laundry for the first time since coming here. Previously I had handwashed everything, but it was getting ridiculous and so I asked my French friend to show me how the lavomatiques work and we split the laundry bill. We planned next weekend's trip to Paris while we were waiting for our laundry to get done! I'm so excited to see Paris with a French girl who has never been.

Then, I met Erin and her student exchange group at the hotel. She and two of her friends and I went to my favorite galetterie, Carambole, for dinner. We had delicious galettes for dinner and for dessert we had Martiniquaise crepes, which are filled with chocolate and coconut, topped with coconut ice cream, drowned in rum, and then set on fire. Does it get much better? Actually, it does, because I actually prefer the Martiniquaise without the rum, but who can resist the fire?

And THEN somehow Erin ended up in a hotel room by herself and so she asked me to spend the night with her! It was so awesome to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed and use the internet while sitting on it! The internet was pretty sucky at the hotel, and it didn't really matter that I had it because absolutely no one was online, but I appreciated it anyway. It's so nice to use the internet when one doesn't have to sit outside on concrete in the cold Normandie mist, like I'm doing now, or inside on a cold tile floor, like I do on weekdays. We watched 30 Rock and The Office and took lots of pictures of our poshest sleepover ever. I even got free breakfast out of the deal, and here, free anything is currently 22% cooler than free anything in the United States!

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